Debt: Friend and Enemy

A few weeks ago, the United States reached its debt ceiling of $14.294 trillion. What an untenable position. The staggering, difficult to visualize, debt makes running the country quite a challenge. Without raising the ceiling again, one of the richest countries in the world could default on its loans. Could this happen to your business?

Of course operating a small business is significantly different from running a country. Small businesses that continue to default on loan payments go out of business. Take a moment to look at the role debt plays in your business life in and your personal life. I hate debt. Yes, it is that simple. While the thought of owing money chills me to the bone, offering the best customer service warms my heart and requires investing in support and equipment. So what did I do when I established my small business? One of the first actions I took was secure a line of credit. I’ve increased that line several times in the years I’ve been in business. Indeed, I have raised my company’s debt ceiling.

Knowing and accepting the value of debt in business is different. And it took some time for me to accept that debt was necessary. As revenues grew, I became more comfortable. There is a place in business for debt. In fact, now owing money in business no longer chills me to the bone. Secure in the flow of energy, because money is only energy, I warm, almost with heated excitement, to purchasing products and services that create a better experience for customers.

Raising the debt ceiling for the life of business, yes. In some ways, debt is a best practice for business. Raising the debt ceiling for personal lives, no. Borrowing to enhance personal lives can be intoxicating and feel as good as sitting in the sun. If we get too much sun, we can burn. Too much personal spending sets our financial house aflame.

Helping both business coaching and life coaching clients make the distinction is essential. We take a more consistent attitude toward spending in business, knowing that we must have reserves to carry us through lean times, and that every purchase must make fiscal sense. Because we don’t take a free and easy attitude toward business expenditures, we would be wise to ask ourselves what happens in our personal life that’s different. How is it that our attitude changed simply because spending occurs in our personal lives?

Borrowing for personal pleasure can create a hole in your pocket. Borrowing for business can create a better experience for customers. Does the US’ borrowing beyond its debt ceiling create a better experience for its citizens?

Debt is a word that works in the life of business, not in personal lives. I welcome your comments on debt’s role in your business and personal lives.

Affiliate Business Building For Your Home Business

What do we mean when we say affiliate business building?

By this we mean building an internet business by selling your product or service with your own affiliate program.

If you want the potential of earning a lot of money from your home business online, this is the way to go. Here are some points that we would like for you to take into consideration if you want to make money on the internet with your own affiliate program:

Advantages Of Your Own Affiliate Program

There are a lot of advantages in setting up your own affiliate program. If done right, it can really build your business quickly and make money quickly as well.

First of all, affiliate programs are what made successful businesses like, eBay and successful.

There are many advantages to this type of business set-up. It actually make affiliate business building easier that it is without it.

1. You can build your business much more quickly.

2. You have more people selling your product and can make more visits and sales as well.

3. Your growth is exponential; no matter how many affiliates you get, they do not get paid unless they make a sale, so it never costs you extra.

4. If you get the right affiliates, they can make you a lot of money.

5. With the right product, you can have unlimited business potential.

6. Promotion costs will come down. You will be able to concentrate on your affiliate business and nothing else. It will save you money for pay per click and other paid advertisements.

Disadvantages Of Your Own Affiliate Business

There are, of course, disadvantages with this business model as with anything else.

These are the other things that you have to consider as well:

1. You have to make sure that you get the best affiliates that you can, otherwise you might not get the sales that you want.

2. You are responsible for the promotion of your business, when it comes to providing content, ads and other promotional materials for your business.

3. You will need affiliate software to help you list, pay and keep track of affiliates payments and sales.

4. You must make sure that you are selling a product that is in demand before you promote it: that could take time.

5. Affiliate software can be expensive.

6. It can be very time consuming and you need to continue to find different ways to promote your product and pass them on to your affiliates.

Affiliate Business Building

Affiliate Business Marketing Tips

Here are some tips, however, just in case you decide to try this business model.

1. Make sure that you have a product that is in demand, one that will sell, before making your investment into affiliate programs.

2. ClickBank is also a good idea, if you want to get start your affiliate business and have a product to sell. They will help you start your own free affiliate program.

Many online businesses have gone in this direction.

3. Do the best that you can to find so called “super affiliates” by directly advertising your affiliate business with pay per click, search engine marketing, an on your website when you sell your product.

In other words, let people know that you have a program that can make them money.

4. Make sure that your affiliates do not have to pay to join your program. There are many affiliate programs out there. Most of them are free.

5. Check out the websites that prospective affiliates have and make sure that they have a good sales process.

There you have it. If you want to make a lot of money in a short time, affiliate programs are the way to go.

Affiliate Business Building

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Why Enlist Business Consultancy Services?

When you first start a new business it can be daunting thing. It can be exciting when your business is young and you have tons of ideas about where it should go, what clients and customers you should have and how much money you should be making. But as all young businesses know, there is a lot of hard work that needs to go into streamlining your business to ensure that you get everything done while taking care of your business and monitoring everything all at the same time.

Hiring a business consultant can be a really beneficial step for many businesses. You might think that it’s costly and only for already established businesses but think again. There are lots of business mentoring schemes available. For example, in Norfolk, the University of East Anglia runs a project called Norfolk Knowledge. This is a mentoring and advice scheme where all the mentors are retired business men and women who want to help young businesses flourish. This services is completely free too!

There are lots of training grants that can be applied for as well all around the UK plus free seminars and talks where mentors are nearly always present.

You don’t even have to hire a business consultant for a long period of time if it doesn’t fit in with your cash flow. Why not employ the services of a business consultant for just two hours a month to bounce ideas off and give guidance?

Hiring a consultant can be really helpful for your business, whatever stage it’s at. An experienced business consultant will be able to look at your company with fresh eyes. It can be really tricky to see where your business might need a helping hand when it’s your own idea because your passion can get in the way. Having an unbiased opinion from a business consultant can help put things into perspective.

Your business consultant can also set you goals that need to be achieved in order for your business to move forward. Because they have already had experience in running successful and possibly unsuccessful businesses, they will have a firm idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Finally, it can be really helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off especially if you are a sole trader or a partnership.

So why not invest in your business and hire the services of an experienced business consultant?